University Hotels – Making Campus Living Accessible

College campuses are often small cities in and of themselves. With many amenities located within walking distance for students, the same convenience often doesn’t extend when family comes to visit. As most hotel accommodations are located well outside of the campus, or offer limited options, families are forced to stay outside of the local area, taking their money with them. However, a new trend is quickly emerging that is bringing high-scale hotels to college campuses, giving both the community an economic boost as well as giving visiting families an accessible lodging option. These hotels have a unique look and feel that include:

Refurbished exterior. This new-style of hotel living are often situated in old warehouses or previously abandoned buildings. This gives these areas a naturally rustic and aesthetically pleasing exterior. Some of the most successful campus hotels have been able to restore the exterior face of the building, celebrating the history of the area, while offering a luxury stay.

Open spaces. To mimic the contemporary classroom styles of open social areas, with plenty of well-lit sitting space, these hotels are quickly becoming the places to stay. Many have multiple meeting rooms, conference tables on each floor as well as welcoming lounging spaces with free Wi-Fi in all common areas. Large windows that let in ample natural light are also signature features of these new-age hotels.

A touch of culture. Since these hotels are either located directly on campus or within walking distance, they also incorporate an educational component for both students and their families. Many have speaking series that invite professors to share their expertise or led discussions with the local community. Designed to be the hub with both lodging and entertainment spaces, these hotels offer a wide variety of social events including rotating student art galleries and live music concerts.

Currently, campus hotels have opened in college cities and towns in Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, and Washington. With their popularity quickly growing, new campus hotels are expected to open across the country within the next 5-10 years. As a way to revitalize often depressed areas, campus hotels can be a great economical solution for both the local campus community and for families traveling to the area to visit their college student.

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