Patrons Drive “Feel Good” Spaces – Hotel Innovation

Patrons Drive “Feel Good” Spaces Hotel Innovation

As technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives, so too is technology poised to revolutionize the hotel industry. With the rollout of 5G and Artificial Intelligence technology, hotel patrons will have greater interactivity and enhanced convenience built into their hotel experience. If you’re considering a hotel renovation project in the near future, understanding these emerging trends in hotel innovation will be important in ensuring that your upgrades will be appealing to patrons and strategically position your hotel as “the” place to be.

Mobile check-in. With the emergence of hotel apps, patrons are able to check in to their rooms and in some cases, use their smartphone to access their rooms. In this regard, the hotel experience is more seamless to eliminate the check-in wait time, allowing customers to get into their rooms faster and out to their destinations.

Creating photo worthy backdrops. As the power of social media platforms continue to influence travel and purchasing behaviors, it is important to consider this in how you create spaces within your hotel. With the average Instagram influencer being able to reach thousands of followers in minutes, with just one picture, incorporating appealing color palettes, providing ample natural light, and being sure to have eye-catching landscapes help to boost the appeal of your property.

Voice-activated amenities. Whether it is to adjust lighting or the room’s temperature, hotels are experimenting with using voice-activated and automated technology to provide a luxury experience. For example, window blinds may automatically adjust depending on the time of day or the amount of natural light entering the room. Likewise, the temperature settings may adjust depending on the number of people in the room. As technology evolves, the level of sophistication that can be built into each hotel room will also increase, enabling hotel chains to further differentiate their offerings based on the types of automated amenities offered.

Patrons drive “feel good” spaces. Leveraging new beacon tracking technology, hotels may be able to adjust what the patron is experiencing in real-time. For example, a patron’s smartphone can alert the hotel system that they are arriving and this could then activate dynamic signs to help guide the patron to their room. This would allow hotels to seamlessly customize the hotel experience for each patron.

Do you have a hotel renovation or interior upgrade project planned for this year? If so, finding ways to incorporate any one of these emerging trends into your project design would be ideal. If you need help with identifying the best way to maximize your interior renovation project, the experienced hotel renovation contractors at the Beam Team are happy to help. Give us a call today at 844-232-6832 to schedule a no-strings-attached hotel innovation consultation.