Out with the Old in with the Bold

Restaurant Construction By the Beam Team

Top 2018 Restaurant Construction & Remodeling Trends

2018 is poised to be “the” year of dramatic restaurant renovations. As restaurant-goers seek a complete dining experience, creating an inviting and trendy ambiance will reign supreme. With dozens of restaurants to choose from, large chains to the neighborhood mom and pop shops are all looking to give their dining space a much-needed 21st-century facelift. When it comes to the top 2018 restaurant remodeling trends, the experts at The Beam Team have their eyes set on these three.

White Walls Are a Thing of the Past.

Having white walls was once a sign of distinction and refinement. But, as restaurant-goers are looking for a change, restaurant chains are delivering – and in a bold way! New remodeling projects are incorporating a wide variety of new visual designs including wood paneling, vibrant colors, artistic wall designs, and even hand-painted murals. The key to sprucing up your interior space is to find the right mix of colors. If you don’t want to take the plunge and do a complete color upgrade, you can instead add splashes of accent colors to give your dining space a new look and feel. Neutral colors like whites and beiges are quickly being replaced with oranges, soft yellows, reds and unique custom blends like fuchsia.

Adding Convenience to the Dining Experience

Restaurants are welcoming lounging places for your customers. In fact, when surveyed, two out of five adults say that restaurants play an important role in their lives.[1] These are often places for busy professionals to relax and unwind while enjoying a deliciously-prepared meal. And, in many cases, restaurants can also double as a second office for the on-the-go business professional. Customers are looking for great food, but more importantly, a dining experience that fits their lifestyle. Offering complimentary WiFi, charging stations, USB ports at the table, and lounging spaces are being incorporated by leading restaurants to attract new customers. Integrating sound-proofing materials in new interior construction and remodeling projects has also become a quickly growing trend, as restaurants try to provide customers with a seemingly private and personalized experience.

Welcome to the Great Indoors.

As restaurants move away from the fast-paced dining process toward a more welcoming and thought-provoking design, plants are transforming the dining space – in new ways. Leading restaurants are appealing to the environmentally conscious Millennial by adding live plants to their interior design projects. Creating custom plant fixtures over tables, or using plant arrangements as part of wall accents are set to be one of the most popular trends this year.

If you’re planning a restaurant remodel or want to learn more about other innovative interior construction options available, contact the experienced restaurant remodeling contractors at The Beam Team. Our award-winning team will be happy to discuss your design ideas and work with you to make them a reality. Contact us today to assist with your next restaurant remodel project at (630) 816-0631.