Cash in with These 3 Restaurant Upgrades

Cash in with These 3 Restaurant Upgrades

With 2019 in full swing, planning ahead to make sure your restaurant is the one restaurant goers want to flock to for important holidays and events is key! Whether it is an anniversary, a birthday, or a bigger national holiday like Father’s Day, people want to treat themselves and others to a relaxing meal, in a beautiful restaurant. If you have been putting off important restaurant upgrades to your space that will make it more welcoming and modern, then now is the time to move forward with them.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter are the first, third, and fourth busiest days respectively for restaurants. With restaurants often accepting advanced reservations, you can almost guarantee some of the best revenue days are among these three holidays. If you missed Mother’s Day, then here are the top three restaurant upgrades you can make now, just in time for Father’s Day on June 16th this year.

  • Add a bit of nature. Having fresh flowers on the table or bringing in decorative shrubbery has been a growing trend to soften dining spaces. Even installing a few planters around your waiting areas and sprucing up your outdoor spaces too is an easy, and relatively low-cost way to give your restaurant a quick facelift. Be sure you keep the floral arrangements fresh. Dying or outdated plants is a surefire way to take what should have been a great upgrade and turn it into a visual disaster.
  • Add a new coat of paint. When was the last time you painted your dining areas? Using bright whites with subtle accent lighting can be an effective way to open up your space and make it feel immediately more welcoming. An experienced remodeling team can implement these changes in under a day to give your restaurant an instant “must-visit” feel.
  • Change your lighting. In a restaurant lighting is everything. Too bright and it feels distracting or harsh to the eye. However, too dark and it can become more of a night club feel. Having soft lighting paired with complementary colors are a great way to set the ambiance for your restaurant. Even updating the lighting in waiting areas can be a nice touch as well. The key is you want your patrons to walk in and immediately feel welcomed and excited to dine with you. Bonus: You want the perfect lighting so your guests can and will want to take pictures. The famous restaurant selfie or group picture is a must to consider, especially for holidays like Father’s Day. Even adding a beautiful floral arrangement that has nice lighting around it in a lobby area can be a great draw for people looking for the perfect meal with the perfect group shot to post on social media.

With the busiest restaurant holiday less than 1 months away, now is the time to partner with an experienced and reputable general contractor to give your restaurant that much-needed makeover. Give us a call today at the Beam Team at 844-232-6832 for a free restaurant upgrade consultation.