Restaurant Remodeling

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Exterior Renovation

Your guests count on you for high quality and service. Beyond great food and excellent experiences, consistency is what you serve. 

That also means every detail of your restaurants call for consistency. And that’s why leaders like McDonalds, Domino’s and KFC turn to The Beam Team.

For interior and exterior restaurant remodeling, renovation and construction, The Beam Team is the General Contractor of choice for legendary brands. We work to ensure cost-effective quality that delivers on your brand’s promise.


What does project success look like? Long before the first materials arrive on a jobsite, we build quality into the process. We can engage with our clients to ensure the plans, surveys, permits and other details receive our undivided attention.

Beyond costs and schedules, quality is about innovation, turning every stone and seeking better ways to reach your objectives. That calls for strong relationships, so we can develop solutions and take steps to address those unspoken expectations — and the unexpected challenges that sometimes arise.

Together, we can achieve even the most ambitious goals while completing projects efficiently and safely.


The Beam Team prides itself on the small details that add up to superior customer experiences for our customer’s customer.

To achieve satisfaction, it means doing things right every day. Job sites are kept tidy. Materials are checked to ensure they meet specifications. Every detail must support the end goal.


Safety starts at home — inside our culture. The well-being of The Beam Team’s employees and associates are a top priority for every project and each activity. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The Beam Team is committed to earning our reputation every day. From one project to the next, we create value through consistent quality, prompt service and personal attention to your project.

Powered by hundreds of W2 employees and carefully selected contractors, The Beam Team aims for rapid execution and orderly worksites.



In restaurant construction, renovation and remodeling, we must mind the details. Most operations continue during remodels. We work hard—and carefully—to keep your properties as safe and clean as possible while we get the job done.

As your restaurant general contractor, The Beam Team understands that we are part of the guest experience.


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