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Opening a new restaurant comes with a lot of moving parts to navigate. From securing the location, to either retrofitting or building out the restaurant, to navigating the permits – all can be a large undertaking. Expertly-managing the coordination of subcontractors and restaurant construction teams is the utmost importance to ensure that the restaurant is done right. That is why Mellow Mushroom called on The Beam Team for the job.

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The retail buildout project involved working with the completed building shell and finishing the 6,000 square foot interior space, transforming it into an innovative restaurant atmosphere. In its current state, the building had dirt floors, and lacked plumbing, electrical work, and framing. A number of permits and inspections had to be secured and completed to get the building approved to operate as a fully functional restaurant, within 16 weeks.
The Beam Team’s experienced construction management team oversaw more than 25 different subcontractors, including upwards of 100 individual workers throughout the duration of the restaurant buildout. Specific phasing plans were utilized in order to manage the sub-contractor network to ensure that the work spaces were safe and not overcrowded with workers at any given time.With coordination systems in place, the subcontractors completed the work with a high degree of craftsmanship, including, but not limited to electrical work, plumbing, fire safety/alarm system, concrete, framing, cabinetry, fixture installation, flooring, kitchen completion, artwork installation of statues, wall hangings, and even an interior mural painting. The trusted construction project management team was able to also work seamlessly with the city inspectors by leveraging a previous relationship.There were several challenges to navigate throughout the project such as delays in the arrival of flooring materials which resulted in the rescheduling of inspections. The supervisory team was able to work around delays by shifting plans to instead focus on other work that could be immediately completed. Thorough and consistent communication was provided to all key stakeholders to include the headquarters account management team, architects, city inspectors, and with the owner-operator until the project was completed.

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