Beam Team Careers

Diversified Excellence

The Beam Team is a construction and installation service company with over 30 years of experience. What started out as a family owned business has now expanded nationally as a licensed GC with highly trained teams that provide a variety of services which include: Construction, Buildouts, Remodels, Resets, Rollouts, Installations of Graphics, Fixtures, Displays and Millwork.

The Beam Team provides a proven path to career excellence through our training and certification programs that will project future employees into fast growing teams with the goal of adding valuable solutions to our customer demands. We are looking for effective team members that will work well with our important vendors to ensure that we will get the job done on time and done right.

Why Choose Us?

Our business is staffed by full time, business to business experts with the structure, processes and tools to improve your performance, and to help you get the job done right. With this comes transparency, accountability and dependability.

Certification Process

We utilize a certification process to assure jobs are matched to our workforce’s specific and local skill set. Each of our leads and reps are certified in certain fields (we currently track 32 certifications) and the projects are tagged with specific requirements.

Trained Staff

Beam Team utilizes two main training methodologies – one web based, and the other person/process based. The web based system is a SCORM compliant video training platform that allows us to train our field on-demand via video, photo, live stream and other electronic methods allowing a complete understanding, expectation and requirement set from the field of a given project. The system has real-time feedback to and from the field to our project management team. From our field to office staff, we have an open, efficient line of communication.

In addition, we have (18) dedicated field training managers who utilize a train-the-trainer approach with strategic field level engagement. To compliment both systems we make use of a dynamic reporting platform to schedule, track and analyze results of the training.