Top 5 Holiday Safety Tips For Shopping

Top 5 Holiday Safety Tips For Shopping

Beam Team is always making sure their employees stay safe, however with it being the holiday season; there is more to safety measures than working in a safe environment. We all work for some reason or another, whether it’s to travel, provide for our family, maybe even to pamper your lovable pooch. Either way, we all have something waiting for us at home – so let’s make sure we all make it home safe! So to keep you happy and healthy through the holiday, here are 5 holiday safety tips for shopping:

Be aware of your surroundings. The holiday season brings lots of shopping, leaving you to walk through dimly lit parking lots. Always take note of where you park and do a quick scan around you as you walk toward your car.

Have your keys ready. To avoid being a sitting target, walk to your car with your keys in hand and ready to unlock your vehicle. This ensures that you are not distracted should a stranger approach you.

Avoid overloading yourself with gifts. The more gifts you carry around the higher the chance of pulling a muscle or tripping. This is especially true if the weather outside is icy or snowy. If you need to make multiple trips to your car, that is always better than trying to carry everything in one trip.

Shop during the day as much as possible. Accidents and falls increase as the sun goes down. As it becomes harder to see, especially with poor lighting or harsh weather conditions, shopping at night can be tricky.

Check your credit report. If you haven’t done so already this year, run your free annual credit report to make sure there are no fraudulent accounts open in your name. The holiday season is a prime time for hackers to get access to your most private information, especially if you do a lot of online shopping.

There you have it! So, as you’re out and about getting the perfect gifts for your loved ones, The Beam Team hopes you stay safe and enjoy the holidays!