Top 3 Things You Need In Place To Manage Multiple Projects At Once Without Under-Delivering

When it comes to producing the highest level of service and craftsmanship your customers deserve, having expert planning and coordination skills are mission-critical. The experienced general contractors and construction managers at The Beam Team recommend implementing the following systems and procedures to ensure that your workload is seamlessly managed and you are consistently able to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and service – every time, without fail. Here are the top three things you need to plan, oversee, and execute multiple projects at once, in order to produce the quality promised to your retail customer.

Establish Open Lines of Communication. This is an essential part of any interior remodeling or new build project. Understanding the specs and tasks associated with the project as well as managing customer requests and concerns is key. Whenever possible, document all customer and team communication in one place, or have one go-to person who handles all inbound requests. This way the likelihood of miscommunication or a task being left undone because a message did not get relayed to the correct person is dramatically reduced. Providing your retail customers with a periodic and delayed project update can also be a great way to keep them in the loop and stay on top of any issues, as they arise, in real-time, and correct them well in advance.

Create a Task Tracking System. Whether you use an on-site project or construction manager, it is important to have a way of tracking what tasks are completed, which are in progress, and which have not yet been assigned or started. Creating daily to-do or punch-out lists can also be an efficient way to track your construction teams overall progress and keep track of the amount of manpower or time spent completing various milestones within the larger project framework. Having an online tracking system, where images and notes can be added can be a nice addition to how you manage your construction projects and can also be shared with retail customers to keep them abreast of the day-to-day tasks and how they are being completed.

Implement Consistent Checks and Balances. When you are managing more than one project at a time, with more than one set of vendors, at more than one location – the logistics behind getting everything done, the right time – can easily be a full-time job. Always having a designated construction manager can serve to be a beneficial way to keep all of your projects o schedule and complete with the highest level of craftsmanship your customers have come to expect and deserve. Having a hierarchical structure that requires supervisors to sign off on work completed and/or double check work in progress is an effective way to avoid construction delays or mistakes.

When it comes to getting the work done with 100% customer satisfaction, retailers large and small turn to the experienced and award-winning construction management teams at The Beam Team. If you have an interior remodeling, new build, or a retail construction project coming up, we’d love to learn more and share specific ways that our team can get the work done for you, on budget and on schedule. Contact us today for a free retail construction consultation at 844-232-6832.