Restaurant Placement Is Everything

With more than 1 million restaurants in the United States, restaurant-goers’ options are virtually endless. The key to attracting foot traffic largely comes down to where restaurants are placed in relation to where potential customers work, live, or play. With restaurant revenues expected to top $270 billion in 2018, strategically locating a new restaurant in the right area will be key. As technology has revolutionized consumer expectations of convenience, this is also spilling over in how consumers choose their restaurants. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association, 39% of consumers prefer to use take-out services rather than dining in. So, consumers are actively looking for quick and easy-to-access restaurant options. When it comes to finding the right place for new restaurant construction, three trends are emerging.

Tapping into the student market. Identifying the highest concentration of schools in an area can be a good indicator of where to locate a new restaurant. More and more brands are opening locations on or very close to college campuses. For these companies, this presents an opportunity to position their restaurant, in front of a “captive” audience who may have limited dining options in close proximity to campus. By adding interior restaurant upgrades such as welcome lounging spaces, workstations, and communal meeting areas, restaurants can additionally attract college students looking for both high-quality food and socializing opportunities.

Grabbing a healthy meal after a workout. New restaurant construction near gyms and workout facilities are on the rise and expected to continue. Instead of opting for large, dining spaces, small seemingly “micro” restaurants are the trend. This allows restaurant owners to offer high-quality, healthy, and affordable dining options, without the need to maintain an often expensive full-scale restaurant operation. However, the type of food offered is critical. Fast food restaurants generally generate less revenue when placed near a gym, as many gym-goers will forgo fast food options for more healthier alternatives. By having restaurant options, often within walking distance, from a gym can be a proven way to establish a loyal customer following.

Mixing entertainment with dining. As theaters begin to undergo interior renovations to provide more food services to their patrons, restaurants are doing the opposite. To tap into this trend, restaurants can look to upgrade their dining options to include some form of entertainment. This can be a variety of things, including offering an open kitchen view, live music events, or providing an interactive dining experience. When it comes to planning a new restaurant remodeling project, it will be important to consider how new interior construction can be done to enhance the layout of your restaurant. Leveraging unused space to create an entertainment stage or section within your restaurant can be an effective way to attract more customers looking for a unique dining and entertainment experience.

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