Live, Work, Play Developments On the Rise

When convenience is the ultimate goal, mixed-use developments can deliver – and in a big way. With 33% of the American population living in a walkable, mixed-use neighborhood, it is no wonder that this trend is taking off and expected to continue. These types of developments offer residents the ability to access the work opportunities, living space and entertainment options, all without having to leave their local community. Some developments like the new Avalon in Alpharetta, GA even offer monthly events and childcare space within walking distance, making their community truly a self-contained living environment.

Not only do these well-thought-out communities provide added benefits to their residents, but their existence also helps to boost the local economy. When shopping, entertainment, and work spaces are within the same area, people are both more likely to find everything they need and more likely to spend their money right there.

And, the popularity of mixed-use developments cuts across all age groups. Millennials, especially those with young children, enjoy the convenience of being able to avoid sitting in traffic to run errands or take their children to play activities. Working professionals like the convenience factor and are even willing to pay upscale rates to gain instant access to a host of amenities at their fingertips. Retired Baby Boomers enjoy the walk-ability that mixed-use developments provide, giving them greater independence as they age.

With traffic congestion being at an all-time high, as the average commuting worker spends approximately 26 minutes in traffic each way, this accounts for nearly 225 hours or 9.4 days of wasted time. Mixed-use developments can give workers this time back, by cutting their commute time down to a quick walk.

Despite their obvious benefits, mixed-use developments take lots of planning to ensure that there is enough space for all three functions. Determining city and local regulations and getting approval can slow the development down significantly. The key to attracting residents to a new mixed-use community is to consider the types of amenities they would want to have near-instant access to. Including shopping areas, grocery store space and community lounging areas are all great additions to any mixed-use development.

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