Innovative Healthcare at Retail Concepts Become a Reality: Walgreens Health Corner

By The Beam Team


As America’s population of elderly continues to grow—while they also live and thrive longer—pharmacies are pairing with strategic partners to create new healthcare experiences. Key drivers include convenience, location, and one-stop-shopping for aging and often time-strapped American patients.

Case in point: The newest renovation project of the nation’s #1 pharmacy chain, Walgreens, consists of collaborating with Buckeye Health Plan, an Ohio-managed care company, to bring innovative health and wellness services to Medicaid members in store locations across Ohio, New Jersey, and California.

Walgreens is completing unique installations of these primary care practices, called Walgreens Health Corners, within its pharmacies in key markets. These remodeled pharmacies feature 3,000 square feet of state-of-the-art space for comprehensive primary care.

Walgreens Health Corners provide coordinated care to help to patients suffering from chronic health conditions, administer preventive services, and give treatment to Walgreen customers right in their own neighborhoods.

Medical physicians and Walgreens pharmacists collaborate to fill prescriptions at the completion of a medical visit, often at the same location on the same day, to ensure patients have more convenient options.

The Beam Team, a leading general contractor to the top retailers in the U.S., was selected to help launch the Health Corners program. This year in 2022, the Alpharetta, GA commercial construction company is busy with demo, build-out, and fixture installations for the new, innovative healthcare model.

Innovators expand healthcare’s point-of-care

By the end of 2022, Walgreens expects to have 100 Walgreens Health Corner locations across the country.

This new health division takes the concept of a minute-clinic a step further, offering on-staff health advisors including pharmacists and registered nurses who work collaboratively with health plans. Partnering with Buckeye Health Plan brings innovative health services to Medicaid members alongside everyday customers in a mission to raise the quality of care for everyone locally. In addition to health corners being embedded within the Walgreens locations, members will have the ability to walk-in for care without an appointment or deal with a co-pay and talk to a trusted expert to determine next steps.

Piloted in Knoxville and Memphis, the Tennessee market offered a diverse demographic and income mix. Andrea Farris, Walgreens Vice President of Development for Solution planning and Partnerships, said, “We wanted high-traffic volume to maximize reach, as well as a high prevalence of chronic conditions where we can provide the most assistance to the community.” He continued to say, “choosing the location for the pilot was important because our long-term goal for Health Corners is to provide a local, personalized experience for our customers.”

No strangers to innovation and expansion, Walgreens features 13,000 locations across the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. The legendary American brand is now reimagining local healthcare and well-being–to create better quality of life through better health.

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