Home Depot Charity Foundation Projects

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One of Beam Team’s longest customers and legendary brands, Home Depot, granted $8 million dollars to help house thousands of veterans facing homelessness. The most recent grant would help to construct and renovate more than 800 housing units, short-term residential programs, supportive services, and other programs aimed at helping veteran homelessness across the country. Building these units will:

  • Help thousands of homeless veterans in major cities move into housing
  • Provide for new construction and rehabilitation of permanent supportive housing units and transitional housing units
  • Make more affordable housing resources and tools available
  • Help veterans at risk of homelessness in rural areas more access to affordable housing

Due to our extensive history with the home improvement dynamo, The Beam Team was asked to help with this initiative. Our role was to help revamp and update the exterior spaces of the veteran centers. The facilities were new, but the grounds surrounding were bare. The Beam Team saw this as an opportunity to not only create more housing for veterans, but to also make this a place people want to be with a sense of community. Our job was to completely prep the site before anyone arrived, so all the volunteers had to do was show up and build it.

As the industry leader in fixture installation and construction, The Beam Team cut, wrapped, staged, and marked all the materials needed to build playgrounds, benches, chairs, picnic tables, planter boxes, and trellis. It was an extensive project that we were able to get done in 3 days due to our talented team.

“It was cool to be involved in such amazing cause alongside Home Depot. I mean, who isn’t a fan of the military and doesn’t want to help them? We hope our efforts this past month greatly contributed to Home Depots goal to end veteran homelessness and will help make the lives of veterans better than it was before,” said Rick Stehr, Vice President of The Beam Team Operations.

The Beam Team always strives to support and honor our U.S. military service men and women. As a company driven on similar values and principles, we are always looking for talented men and women to join our family. The Beam Team’s mission is to build legendary brands, but we do that through empowering legendary people.