Drive E-Commerce Sales By Leveraging Inventory

Drive E-Commerce Sales By Leveraging Inventory

In today’s digital age, convenience for your customers is often their top priority. However, a shift in consumer preferences is serving to give retail stores an advantage over theory solely online counterparts. When it comes to online shopping, consumers enjoy the luxury of being able to search through dozens of products without having to step into a brick and mortar store. Yet, what the online shopping experience can provide in real-time, the retail store can make up for with convenience and lower costs. This can be used to help boost your e-commerce sales.

In a recent survey, researchers found that over 55% of shoppers had ordered a product online and picked it up, the same day, in the retail store. This is quickly becoming a popular option as consumers want to avoid paying shipping costs, when possible and are preferring the immediacy that an in-store pick-up option can provide. And, marketer research found that when an item is needed within 24 hours, 31% of consumers will limit their online shopping searchers to only those retailers that offer in-store pick-up.

With retail stores competing for market share with online giants like Amazon, taking advantage of the immediate gratification consumers are moving toward can be an effective way to drive e-commerce sales. Additionally, offering free shipping between stores and heavily discounted delivery fees can be additional options to attract more customers.

Some leading companies are also enticing customers to come into stores with higher discounted rates for in-store pick-up versus selecting to have the item delivered. For customers that are cost conscious, allowing them to browse online, select and pay for their item, at their convenience and pick-up in store with added on discounts can be a surefire way to keep them coming back time and again.

In order to manage the inventory for your showrooms and have what you need to meet online orders, it takes coordination and the space to house a robust enough inventory. Expanding your warehouse to fit this new model can take some planning to ensure that you have just the space you need to meet all of your customers’ needs. The experienced interior remodeling and expansion specialists at The Beam Team can help. To learn more about how their industry-leading retail renovations have helped the largest brands expand their online to in-store sales, contact them today at 844-232-6832.