To Our Valued Employees, Contractors, Customers, and Vendors:

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge, our thoughts are with you and families. As a provider of “essential services” as defined by state laws, please be assured that we fully intend to continue providing services to our customers and a livelihood to our employees during these tough times—and always within the bounds of safety.

We are monitoring the latest CDC and OSHA data and recommendations, and will be posting regular updates here, including a list of state-by-state COVID-19 restrictions. We will continue to look for opportunities to keep or workers and partners safer, having already implemented remote work policies, offered single-occupancy hotel rooms for traveling workers, required the use of masks and physical barriers in our offices, encouraged social distancing, employed professionals to sanitize our offices frequently, and more. If you have ideas, or if you see gaps, please tell us.

We may experience service and product shortages, manufacturing delays, longer lead times, higher costs, shelter-in-place orders, border closures, and reallocations of supply by national, local, or foreign governments. Our contractors and vendors may experience similar difficulties. Just as these events are beyond our control, we acknowledge that they are beyond our contractors’ and vendors’ control. The Beam Team will continue to be a good partner with you by working to find solutions together.

Although the times are tough, our company remains strong, financially stable, and operationally sound. Please keep us informed of your needs and concerns so that we can work together to navigate through the weeks and months ahead.

We sincerely appreciate your hard work, your business, and your continued support. Stay safe and healthy and know that we, as always, remain steadfastly committed to serving you.

The Beam Team