Choosing the Right General Contractor for Construction

Choosing the Right General Contractor for Construction

With a booming economy, remodeling projects and interior construction may be on your business to-do list. Getting your project done in a timely manner and within budget is important to ensure your upcoming projects don’t eat away at your profits. However, when it comes to getting the job done right the first time, you should invest time and effort in finding a highly experienced general contractor. According to The Beam Team, here are the top five things to look for when choosing a general contractor for construction.

1. Ask for client referrals. The best indicator of future performance is past performance. So whenever possible ask for at least three references from clients that they have completed work for. Request direct contact information so that you can email or call them to get more detailed information about their work, including their craftsmanship, customer service, timeliness, etc.

2. Determine what you need. You should select a general contractor that has experience delivering what you need to make your remodeling project a success. You want to have a clear understanding of what the tasks are that you need completed for your project so you can choose general contractors that are best suited for that work. The more direction you can provide from the beginning, the more organized your project will be. Knowing what it is you need (as opposed to what you want) also helps you eliminate unnecessary costs.

3. Don’t always go with the lowest bidder. You’ve heard the saying, “You get what you pay for,” and this is all too true with remodeling and construction projects. A low price may jeopardize the quality of the materials and the work you receive. This can also limit how much highly skilled labor you’re able to secure and may impact your overall satisfaction with the project when it is completed.

4. Ask for an itemized quote. Reputable and experienced general contractors will be able to prove you with a no-strings-attached quote. However, if the quote does not breakdown the line items of the costs (as detailed as possible), then request this. You want to be able to account for as much of the project cost as you can to ensure that you are not paying for tasks, materials, or downtime that you do not need to.

5. Follow your gut instinct. When you hire a general contractor, you are entering a contractual and business relationship. You must feel comfortable with the arrangement, and have to feel that your requests and needs are/will be addressed in a timely manner. Pay attention to how quickly they respond to your phone calls or emails when you request a quote or for more information. This tends to represent the level of responsiveness and customer service you may receive should you choose to hire them. If your gut is telling you that this may not be the right fit, then listen to it. The last thing you want to do is be “stuck” in a contract with a contractor that you can’t trust or communicate with.

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