Brand Overhauls Taking Over the Construction Industry

Brand Overhauls Taking Over the Construction Industry

Don’t call them Dunkin Donuts anymore! The iconic food chain is shedding the sugary portion of their name, and, will now, be referred to simply as “Dunkin”. This industry-changing announcement is set to revolutionize how consumers see and interact with one of the country’s most recognizable food destinations. With a goal to redefine their product offerings and to meet the changing consumer preferences Dunkin’s upcoming brand overhaul will help them continue to build out their reputation as a premier beverage cafe. Using Dunkin as an example let’s go over how brand overhauls will take over the construction industry.

For the past decade, Dunkin has invested in boosting their coffee sales to become one of the top retail coffee providers, second only to Starbucks. However, with “Donuts” in the name, business executives thought it was limiting. The name does not convey their industry-power in terms of being a top coffee and food provider.

With the new simpler name, “Dunkin” comes with a host of retail store changes as well. Each location will now be equipped with bar style seating to recreate a cafe or bistro type feel. The donut offerings will be reduced to just a few of the most popular flavors and patrons will be greeted with a modern, upscale look and feel.

As restaurant-goers are opting for the convenient, premium quality food experience, retail chains have to keep up. Dunkin is the first, of what experts predict will be many food chains reinventing how they do business, and, more importantly, their brand as a whole. The days of cheap, fast, high-calorie foods are being replaced with consumers wanting a more laid-back casual, healthier-eating food dining experience.

What do brand overhauls mean for the construction industry?

The prospects of more work ahead are good! Businesses, not just the big box retailers and restaurants, will likely be exploring similar brand rehauls which can bring a healthy amount of remodeling projects to the market. And, as digital companies, like Amazon, look to get a foothold in retail locations, the amount of new store construction work can also increase in that regard.

The key is for experienced interior and retail construction companies to stay on top of brand trends and, in some cases, come to the table with innovative design plans and options for companies looking to revitalize their retail spaces.

Adding in more natural lighting, updating retail spaces to be more lounge-worthy, and building in great places for patrons to meet will all be important changes retailers will need to consider to stay current and competitive.

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