Lauren Hall

Shopping Trends Coming To America

Shopping Trends Coming To America

Shopping trends in China, the most populous country in the world, show that they are leading the way with one startling statistic. China has more e-commerce activity than any country, and their spending capacity is slated to increase by at least 20% each year for the next decade.[1] Due to the high volume of online …

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Top 3 Hotel Remodeling Considerations

Top 3 Hotel Remodeling Considerations: Chain Hotels vs. Boutique Hotels

As the economy continues to rebound from the 2008 recession, Americans are traveling more both domestically and abroad, helping to give the hotel and tourism industries a much-needed boost. With so many lodging options to choose from, travelers have their pick between more home-style rentals available through Airbnb, upscale hotel stays, or the more unique …

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Restaurant Placement Is Everything

With more than 1 million restaurants in the United States, restaurant-goers’ options are virtually endless. The key to attracting foot traffic largely comes down to where restaurants are placed in relation to where potential customers work, live, or play. With restaurant revenues expected to top $270 billion in 2018, strategically locating a new restaurant in …

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Warehouse Trends 2018

Managing inventory with ever-changing consumer trends can be both time-consuming and costly for companies. With retail stores constantly looking for a way to outpace their online counterparts, finding creative ways to store, track, and purchase inventory has become a must. As a matter of fact, in 2018, the warehouse trends are expected to continue to …

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