3 Hotel Renovation Tips – Staying Open

3 Hotel Renovation Tips - Staying Open

It can be a balancing act to upgrade your hotel space while still allowing guests to check in. Managing how to schedule work and the foot traffic from guests and construction workers can be key in keeping hotel operation interruptions to a minimum. If interior remodeling is needed following unexpected damage after a weather-related event or catastrophe is one thing, but with proper planning, you can complete an interior construction project without having to close your doors in the process. The construction management experts at The Beam Team recommends these hotel renovation tips:

1. Find a Skilled Contractor. To ensure that the remodeling or hotel build-out is done both efficiently and correctly, having an experienced contractor is mission-critical. Partnering with a licensed and reputable contractor that has a proven track record of doing store upgrades, while the store is still in use can be the winning arrangement you need to get the work done and still keep your guests happy. Be sure to ask about previous work they’ve done, how they are able to handle changes in work schedules, and what expertise they have in managing the entire interior construction workflow.

2. Pre-Order Materials & Plan for Delays. When materials are delayed, this can set your schedule back and could impact your hotel operations. An experienced contractor will be able to work with you to coordinate when to purchase materials, where to store them and how to best utilize the construction time to get the work done quickly – and without mistakes. In some cases delays may be inevitable, so having a backup plan in place before you start construction is important. Consider how guests can safely move around the work site, where temporary displays should be located, even how customers will enter and exit the store. Evaluating the entire shopping experience will help you determine what areas of your retail space may be the most affected and what you can do in advance to deal with these disturbances. Also, if materials can be ordered in advance and stored away from the showroom, this can be an effective way of ensuring that your contractors have the materials they need to get to work on day one.

3. Study Customer Foot Traffic. Before you consider initiating any type of hotel upgrade, renovation or build-out, be sure to study what days and times are your busiest. The key is to plan for work to occur either during off-peak times or outside of holiday months. Keep in mind that customers want an unobstructed staying experience and limiting the work done when the hotel is at its busiest can help to reduce the risk that a guest trips or gets hurt while moving around the worksite. Whenever possible, cordon off the area under construction and provide plenty of signs and barriers to separate guests from where the work is happening.

If you have a much-needed interior remodeling project to upgrade your hotel space, but never knew when the right time to tackle it would be, contact the highly-skilled Beam Team to help you get started. Our expert interior construction teams will work with you to lay out a construction plan and schedule that will ensure your business stays open throughout the entire project.